We welcome Clémence to the Energise team!

2 November 2023 | Energise Renewables

We are very excited to have Clémence Soret join the team at Energise in the role of Senior Development Manager! Clémence has only recently moved to Australia, and she plans on spending most of her free time kitesurfing St Kilda Beach, surfing in Torquay, and exploring other places that Australia has to offer!

What will you be doing at Energise, and what is your favourite part of your job?

‘My job covers all the activities related to approvals, environment, and stakeholder engagement. It is quite varied, and you’ve never fully explored it. Especially on the environmental side, these offshore wind projects help a lot to gather new environmental data and close some knowledge gaps, so there is always new knowledge to acquire and to share. But on top of that I truly love the offshore wind industry, and the complementary between diverse teams and expertise to deliver a project.’

What are you most looking forward to while working at Energise?

‘I’m really glad to join such a knowledgeable team, and really excited about all the things ongoing on the Australian offshore wind market. I aspire to work with great colleagues and clients and contribute together to the Australian offshore wind build out!’

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