Energise Renewables

Energise Renewables is an Australian company, with offices in Melbourne and Perth.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy by providing tailored guidance and services. Through our unique and diverse team, we empower our partners to drive positive and impactful change.

Sole Focus on Clean Energy

Currently operating from both our Melbourne and Perth locations, we are passionate about growing a profitable, ethical, and sustainable clean energy sector.

Clean Energy

Constituting a uniquely selected team of Australian-based energy professionals, we provide bespoke and full life-cycle consultancy. From early-stage project management to delivery, we are established experts in specialised project origination planning, environmental, engineering, and commercial services.

Regional Clean Energy Experience

Pioneering our Australian expertise since 2017, our strategically selected consultants command extensive regionalised experience. Our colleagues have delivered major renewable projects, both internationally and within the emerging Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific regions.

Energise Renewables is uniquely placed to facilitate your needs and further your goals

Development Services

We support clients in developing clean energy projects including onshore and offshore wind, solar, battery, carbon capture and storage, and Power-to-X. We are experts in project development from concept to financial close.

Consulting Services

We advise developers, investors, regulators and governments on all aspects of project development, including strategy, market understanding, regulatory environment,
and due diligence.

Nuanced market insight

Region-Specific Expertise

Constituting a team of clean energy professionals, we provide unparalleled region-specific expertise, helping clients establish successful projects in highly contextualised markets. Working across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, our in-country expertise is un-matched.

We are a growing Australian consultancy with a strong network of relationships across the region, Energise Renewables has established a presence in both Melbourne and Perth. We offer a hand-picked team of professionals that cover various clean energy segments of the market.

Having contributed towards active projects in Australia, New Zealand and various APAC countries, our consultants are expertly informed in both clean and renewable technologies, and their contextual application to regional markets.

Meet our Partners

A Rare Nexus of Skills and Experience

Energise Renewables was founded by our three partners, each of whom brings a fundamental aspect to our business.

Collectively they command over 50 years of clean energy experience, including almost 30 years of offshore wind experience, and an impressive back catalogue of successfully delivered projects.

Supporting and mentoring all our professional consultants, our partners are active practitioners, engaging in all aspects of the companies development and operation.

Jonas Jacobsen


Strategic leader specialising in renewable energy infrastructure

Adam Thyboe


Versatile leader with multi-disciplinary skills

Naomi Campbell


Insightful executive leader working across the clean energy sector

Meet our consultants

Clean Energy Consultants

An expert boutique company, Energise Renewables maintains a meaningful personal touch, matched with an ability to handle both bespoke and large-scale clean energy projects. Our team includes:

  • Executive-level professionals
  • Former senior-level public sector experts
  • Offshore wind and energy storage specialists
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Senior planners
  • Environmental scientists
  • Project and data management experts
  • Special analysis experts
Facilitating transition to renewable energy

Expertise Across the Clean Energy Sector

Providing innovative solutions across the technology spectrum, Energise Renewables possesses expertise that includes:

  • offshore wind energy
  • onshore wind energy
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Power-to-X

Supporting Clean Energy Development

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