Clean Energy

Development Services

Supporting business in assessing clean energy projects across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and beyond

Experience across the whole development cycle

Renewable Energy Support from Early-Stage to Final Investment Decision and Beyond

We offer services across the entire development spectrum, including:

  • Market soundings, access and development
  • Bid management and preparation
  • Project origination and early-stage development
  • Integrated project management and regulatory roadmap
  • Site selection and optimisation
  • Business cases and financial modelling
  • Site investigations and feasibility studies management
  • Environmental survey and impact assessment planning
  • First Nations engagement and Sea Country Program
  • Fisheries engagement strategy
  • Nature Positive and co-location program
  • Addressing strategic development challenges
  • Management of the production of Offshore Wind Management Plans
  • Regulatory and stakeholder engagement
  • Supply chain development
  • Grid connection
offshore wind construction australia
Depth of expertise in project development

Supporting Large-Scale Green Investment

We bring extensive experience in delivering projects funded by utilities, developers, and private equity, including:

  • Securing multimillion-dollar DEVEX investments
  • Supporting the formation of joint ventures
  • Successfully enabling mergers and acquisitions transactions

We are dedicated to supporting businesses that are committed to establishing a renewable energy footprint in Australia and New Zealand. We can integrate as part of your core development team, or provide specific bespoke services.

Supporting Clean Energy Development

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Offering sector-specific knowledge from Australia, New Zealand and internationally

International Knowledge, Applied Locally

As an Australian company, we are ideally positioned to support businesses seeking to establish a renewable energy presence in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Our team brings a unique combination of technical, commercial and environmental expertise pertinent to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Extensive APAC offshore wind experience

Unique Insights for Emerging Offshore Wind Markets

Our combined experience of over 13 years in Australia and 30 years on international offshore wind projects, including the Asia-Pacific region, gives us unique expertise and valuable leadership skills in emerging offshore wind markets.

To date we have worked successfully with a range of clients and stakeholders delivering support and guidance in relation to both Energise originated and client-centric projects.

Excellent relationship management

Strong Relationships Across the Renewables Sector

We use high-value relationships with local and global suppliers to help shape the future of Australia and New Zealand’s emerging renewables industry. This has given us valuable insights into the regional sector which we utilise to assist our clients achieve their goals.

Connected locally and globally

Established Relationships With Industry Participants

We continually nurture our key relationships with industry, government, market operators, and regulators. We have also played a role in educating the local supply chain, directly and indirectly, by facilitating partnerships with relevant international consultants. We have strong relationships with the small number of suppliers in Oceania who have relevant industry experience.

Complex issues clearly communicated

Strategic Approach to Complex Issues

We are comfortable with complexity and we understand that the key to progress is identifying the key issues and their solutions. We believe that an evolutionary approach to strategic planning enables efficiencies to be realised. We are targeted and on-point when it comes to dealing with regulatory requirements and we tailor our services to the specific needs of our Clients and the regions in which they operate.