Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

About the developer:

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), a Danish fund manager specialising in energy infrastructure investments, is among the largest offshore wind developers worldwide. In Australia, CIP owns a 90% majority stake in the Star of the South Project, which is the country’s most advanced offshore wind farm. The project has the potential to power 1.2 million homes and supply up to 20% of Victoria’s electricity demand, and it is expected to replace the Yallourn coal power plant, which is scheduled to close in 2028. CIP recently sold a 10% interest in the project to Cbus Super, while the three original founders of the project retain their shareholdings. In New Zealand, CIP has teamed up with NZ Super to develop a 1GW offshore wind farm off Taranaki, with potential to power 650,000 homes and meet 10% of the country’s electricity demand. CIP is also investing in onshore wind, battery technology, and hydrogen in addition to offshore wind. The Star of the South Project has over 30 employees and local contractors, supported by the global Copenhagen Offshore Partners network.