Adam is a highly skilled offshore wind professional combining engineering and commercial, as well as educational and professional experience. He is dedicated to advancing offshore wind development in nascent markets. He has gained experience from two of the leading developers and investors in the offshore wind sector. He has also worked across disciplines such as project development, bid preparation, budgeting and financial modelling, offtake strategy, procurement, as well as operations and maintenance. An impactful and versatile strategic leader, Adam brings a can-do attitude to all his engagements and employs a flexible mindset allowing him to swiftly adapt to changing priorities. Flourishing in dynamic environments, he is ideal for early-stage development. While Adam has worked across multiple disciplines, his core competencies reside within commercial development and ‘making the case’ for offshore wind towards internal and external stakeholders such as project sponsors, potential partners, governments, and other offtakers.

Adam contributes the following key experience and skills to Energise Renewables:

  • 12 years of offshore wind development experience from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand
  • First international offshore wind profile to arrive in Australia to develop the country’s first project paving the way for a local offshore wind industry
  • Extensive work experience with 0rsted, Star of the South Offshore Wind Farm, and Copenhagen Offshore Partners
  • Academic degrees in engineering, finance, and business administration

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