Manager of the Land and Sea Country project development with First Nations groups in Australia. Based in Perth, WA he is also a part of the environment impact assessment team with many years of experience in marine research, conservation management and application of these skills to develop novel solutions to complex environmental management issues. Richard has worked for State government agencies responsible for the management of natural resources and the environment in WA, as well as within the private sector developing Environmental Plans and EIAs. Richard has extensive experience in working with First Nations groups, both as a research partner and as executive staff whilst at the Northern Land Council in the Caring for Country program. He continues to be involved with some Traditional Owner groups in an advisory role. Richard has a strong interest in development of First Nations lead research and resource management as well as providing socio-economic opportunities in collaboration with government and industry.


Richard Contributes a valuable blend of skills and experience within Energise:

  • First Nations engagement and partnerships development for Land and Sea Country Program.
  • Partnership development for First Nations groups with marine research and baseline marine ecology providers.
  • Marine ecology and protected species assessments.
  • Undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in marine science, specialising in population genetics, life history and population viability models, habitat use and foraging behaviours of marine vertebrates.

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