James works part time at Energise Renewables as he completes his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) and Commerce. Possessing both technical and commercial expertise, he is enthusiastic about leveraging his skills to solve complex problems and drive innovation in the renewable energy sector. Completing a double degree, James brings a combination of analytical and financial skills, strategic thinking, and proficiency in data analysis, coupled with an advanced understanding of power and renewable systems. James possesses engineering experience in a range of industries and professional work environments equipping him with a versatile skillset that he applies at Energise Renewables. 

With a diverse working background spanning Education, Consulting, HRBP, and Media Operations, Siana brings a wealth of experience, fostering a multi-dimensional approach to problem-solving. Her unique work history has equipped her with a broad set of valuable skills, enabling her to tackle challenges from different perspectives:

  • Acquired professional quantitative and commercial analysis skills through university education, translating into a heightened ability to grasp new concepts and excel in the workplace by making informed, data driven decisions.
  • Proficient communication skills that enhance teamwork, helping foster a more seamless and effective collaborative environment.
  • A positive and uplifting presence in the workplace, tackling all her work with an enthusiasm that rubs off on to those around her.

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