Meet our young Engineers with a great future in renewable energy

31 March 2023 | Energise Renewables
Meet our Engineers with a great future in renewable energy

Meet Marcus Romagnesi and Joelin Chen our two talented Junior Engineers who have recently joined us while completing their studies in Resources and Environmental Engineering at Monash University.

To better understand their motivations for joining Energise, we asked them a few questions:

What first made you interested in renewable energy?

Marcus: I have been interested in working in renewable energy since I was in my mid-teens. I was very interested in working in a field where I could positively impact the environment, and the renewable energy sector stood out to me as an exciting opportunity to do that.
Joelin: I first came across renewable energy and climate change in my late high school studies, and quickly became something that I was passionate about pursuing as I continued to learn more about the issue. 
What issues are important to you as you start your career and how will working with Energise support you in your career goals?
Marcus: My focus to start my career is working in a job where I can play my part to help accelerate the net-zero transition. I feel that working in a team with a similar focus and so much experience in offshore wind will greatly support my career goals.
Joelin: As I start my career, I think it is important to continue diversifying the renewable energy mix which is available in Australia by continuing to develop emerging technologies. I hope that working with Energise will help me work towards this goal whilst I continue to develop my professional experience.

We’re thrilled to have Marcus and Joelin join our team, and we look forward to supporting them in their career goals while working together to advance the renewable energy transition.

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