Flotation Energy

About the developer:

Flotation Energy is a company that specialises in developing and owning offshore wind projects. Based in Scotland, they have successfully delivered the Kincardine Offshore Wind Project and are involved in projects across the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. In Australia, Flotation Energy’s sole focus is on offshore wind, and they have proposed three offshore wind projects with a combined proposed capacity of 3.75GW. In November 2022, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) announced its acquisition of Flotation Energy. TEPCO, Japan’s largest power company, and its subsidiary TEPCO Renewable Power have a renewable energy generating capacity of 9.9 GW in Japan. This acquisition marks TEPCO’s first significant foray into offshore wind markets in the UK and internationally. Flotation Energy has a small local team located in Perth (WA) and Melbourne (VIC), and they have received funding of $2.3m from the Victorian Government for scoping studies and surveys related to their Seadragon project.