Australis Energy

About the developer:

Australis Energy is an offshore wind developer with extensive project delivery experience in the UK under Warwick Energy. The company is currently focusing on developing offshore wind projects in Australia, in a joint venture with GIP through Skyborn Renewables (formerly WPD). They have developed three offshore wind projects in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia with a total capacity of 1.4GW. Australis Energy was one of the early entrants in the Australian offshore wind market and has submitted environmental referrals for its projects. While the projects are primarily located in state waters, Skyborn intends to extend them into commonwealth waters to increase their capacity. Australis Energy and Skyborn have announced their intention to start construction on the projects by 2030. The company is a small developer with three founders based in the UK and receives support from Arup Australia Pty Ltd. Skyborn has a Managing Director based in Sydney (NSW) who is assisted by a small local team.