Alinta Energy

About the developer:

Alinta Energy is a leading energy company in Australia and New Zealand, owning and operating power stations as well as electrical and gas transmission assets. The company is now investigating the feasibility of building an offshore wind farm to supply the Portland Aluminium Smelter. This smelter has the capability of producing more than 358,000 tonnes of aluminium per year, which represents over 20% of the national aluminium production, and accounts for roughly 10% of Victoria’s electricity demand.

If the project goes ahead, it will provide renewable energy to Australia’s main grid and supply up to 100% of the smelter’s energy requirements. Alinta Energy is a significant player in the energy industry, managing around 3 GW of power and serving over 1 million customers. They currently own and operate the Loy Yang B Power Station in Gippsland, Victoria, which is scheduled to close in 2032.